Host authors:

1. Colette Kebell. Award-winning author.

2. Lizzie Chantree. #1 bestselling author. Crooked Cat Books.

Guest authors:

3. Lorna Cook. #1 bestselling author. Avon.

4. Lizzie Page. Bestselling author. Bookouture.

5. Virginia Heath/Sue Merritt. Bestselling author. Mills and Boon.

6. Jenni Keer. Award winning author. Avon.

7. Carrie Elks. Bestselling author.

8. Fenella J Miller. Bestselling author. Aria Fiction.

9. Chris Penhall. Award winning author. Ruby Fiction.

10. Glynis Peters. USA Today bestselling author. HarperCollins.

11. Emma Robinson. Bookouture.

12. Rose Griffin-Twidell/Daisy Bourne. Indie author 

13. Donna Siggers. Award winning author. DS Books.

14. Sean Purcell. Bestselling author. 

15. Debbie Van De Merwe/D.Wells. Indie author.

16. Dee Gordon. History Press. 

17. Sheila Norton. Award-winning author. Edbury/Penguin.

18. Lisa Mackay. Indie author.

19. Liam Livings. Beaten Track Publishing.

20. Ben Trebilcook. Screenwriter/Author.

21. Ellie Irving. MA in screenwriting. Corgi Childrens.

22. Mary-Jane Riley. One More Chapter. 

23. Elizabeth Woodcraft. Zaffre. 

24. Greg Fidgeon. Rock Solid Books.

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